No Bake Mini Lemon Coconut Pies

I love making no bake desserts, especially during the summer. These Mini Lemon Coconut Pies are the perfect little treats to have on hand and the lemon flavor is super refreshing. These mini pies are a healthy alternative to normal desserts. They are made with simple ingredients and contain no dairy or refined sugar. They… Continue reading →

Healthy Groceries to Buy on a Budget

As I have previously mentioned, I experienced being on Food Stamps (SNAP) for 1 week for a project in my Community Nutrition class this past semester. To see my full one week food stamps experience, check out my post here. As a follow up to this experience, I wanted to be more mindful of budget-friendly… Continue reading →

Blueberry Vanilla Smoothie

A healthy, low sugar smoothie that is full of fruits, veggies, healthy fats, and protein. I have been making this smoothie everyday for the past few months and I love it! I love the vanilla flavor and the combination of ingredients creates a smoothie that not only tastes good, but is also satiating. This smoothie… Continue reading →

Non-toxic Swaps to Make in Your Kitchen

So what is non-toxic living and why should we care? We interact with toxins everyday, sometimes in not so obvious places, like our own homes. Plastic can disrupt the endocrine system and cause our hormones to get out of whack. This can lead to consequences, such as unwanted belly fat. Non-toxic living is making cleaner… Continue reading →

Healthy Summer Recipes

See below some of my healthy, summer recipes! This post includes breakfast, main dishes, and dessert options.

How to Build A Healthy Smoothie

It is officially summer! I don’t know about you, but over the summer I crave all of the hydrating fruits and vegetables. What better way to eat your fruits and veggies, but in a smoothie? Smoothies are a staple for me. However, not all smoothies are created equal. My biggest pet peeve is going into… Continue reading →

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake or a Smoothie Bowl? You will be shocked to see the simple, real food ingredients in this smoothie that tastes like an indulgent treat! This smoothie is made with primarily fruit and vegetable and, of course, peanut butter.

What To Consider When Choosing a Cooking Oil

My favorite oils are olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil. However, I use different oils in different scenarios and in different quantities. I wanted to breakdown the different types of oils and what to consider when choosing an oil.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Nice Cream

Ice cream is my all time favorite dessert, especially during the summer. My favorite flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough! I made this ice cream recipe uses my Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookies, but you can use any gluten free and vegan cookies of your choice choice. This recipe is gluten free, dairy free, and made… Continue reading →

Shrimp with Mango Avocado Salsa

As the weather gets warmer and we approach summer, I love fresh, hydrating recipes. This shrimp bowl is one of my favorites! It is so simple and delicious and tastes so refreshing. The shrimp is cooked to have a honey- garlic flavor. The fruit salsa it is paired with is a mango-avocado salsa. You can… Continue reading →