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Confused about what to eat during pregnancy?

Finding out you’re pregnant is an incredibly exciting time. However, it can also bring up several questions like, what foods should I avoid? How much should I be eating? Is my baby getting all of the nutrients that they need? What if I’m experiencing morning sickness and can’t stomach certain foods? This can quickly spiral into google searches and an enormous amount of information that can leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused, anxious, and even fearful of eating certain foods. 

Not to worry, I’m here to guide you through a happy and healthy pregnancy. With my nutrition expertise, I can teach you the foundations of prenatal nutrition and how to properly nourish your baby without the stress.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Mel! I am a Registered Dietitian who is passionate about helping women navigate nutrition during the prenatal and postpartum times. I have an individualized approach to nutrition and focus on how to make nutrition work for you and your lifestyle. Read More

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