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Nutrition to Help Boost Fertility Naturally

Infertility is estimated to affect 15.5% of reproductive-aged women in the United States (1). Out of these infertility cases, it is estimated that 35% are associated with female infertility, 30% are due to male infertility, 20% are due to both male and female infertility, and 15% are unexplained (2). When it comes to fertility, there […]

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What To Look For In A Prenatal Vitamin

While you are not eating for two when pregnant, you are certainly nourishing for two. During pregnancy, certain nutrient needs increase significantly from the pre-pregnancy time. Prenatal vitamins are incredibly important to help fill in the nutrient gaps from your diet. However, the supplements available on the market can vary quite a bit. Different prenatal […]

Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Pregnancy

When pregnant, it’s important to make the right food choices to ensure you are obtaining all of the nutrients that your body needs to support your developing baby. Breakfast is a great opportunity to kick-start the day with some nutrient-dense foods and set the rest of the day up for success. In this post, I […]

Iron-Rich Foods For Pregnancy

Iron is a mineral that is important during pregnancy. It is necessary for oxygen transportation, physical growth, neurological development, and gene regulation (1, 2). During pregnancy, iron needs increase by 50% (1). This increased need puts pregnant women at risk of consuming inadequate iron, which could lead to iron deficiency and/or anemia. Iron deficiency and/or […]

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Pregnancy Superfoods From a Prenatal Dietitian

Pregnancy nutrition so often focuses on which foods to avoid. While it is important to understand which foods should be avoided during pregnancy, it’s also important to understand which foods contain important nutrients for pregnancy. As a prenatal dietitian, I will be sharing some of my favorite pregnancy superfoods.

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Why Pregnancy Nutrition Matters

During my first class ever in my masters program at Columbia University, I discovered my passion for prenatal nutrition. I came to the program interested in nutrition, but had never even considered the importance of nutrition during pregnancy. I quickly learned the critical role that nutrition played throughout a pregnancy. Now, as a registered dietitian, […]