About Mel

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about well by mel nutrition

Hi, I’m Mel! I am a lover of all things health and wellness and a firm believer in eating real food. I am a Dietetic Intern. Following the dietetic internship, I will pursue RD accreditation. 

I am passionate about helping others live a healthy lifestyle that is practical and sustainable for them. On my website, I share easy, healthy recipes. Growing up, I thought that healthy foods were bland and boring. However, over time, I learned that eating healthy can and should be fun and delicious! I hope that my page helps inspire others how to put together healthy meals that are both easy to make and taste good.

My recipes focus on whole food ingredients and include options for dietary restrictions (gluten-free, dairy free). I also share wellness tips, including posts on corporate wellness.

Thank you for visiting my page, I look forward to sharing more with you!

  • Master of Science in Nutrition Education, Columbia University
  • Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering, Cornell University