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Nutrition Coaching

“Mel creates a safe space to have conversations around nutrition. She listens and answers my questions with empathy no matter how small or frivolous they might seem to me. I also appreciate that she grounds her perspective and answers in science, reminding me what is fact versus fad (which is hard in today’s world of social media – everyone has an opinion and it’s often conflicting!). As someone who can often be critical of myself, I always leave conversations with Mel with greater respect, appreciation, and kindness for my body.

“I felt very out-of-control around sugar. I had previously tried calorie counting and counting added sugar intake and these approaches made me feel very stressed out. I also was a very picky eater who struggled to get fruits and vegetables into my diet. I wanted to improve my diet and to have balanced nutritional approach before having kids, in order to have healthy pregnancies and a healthy perspective on food to teach our future kids. I learned so much during coaching about what a balanced approach to nutrition looks like and how to build balanced meals and snacks. I now feel like I can trust myself and my body when it comes to making food decisions. I now eat so many more foods! I have also lost about ten pounds, feel energized and less stressed surrounding what I eat. When working with Mel, I did not feel judged for my shortcomings and felt that she really helped me work through each specific concern that I had.”

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