Sakara Life and Why I’m Obsessed

If you haven’t heard of Sakara Life, they are an organic, plant-based food delivery company. They market eating healthy as fun and sexy. And if you haven’t yet seen their Instagram, you will immediately fall in love once you do.

I was first introduced to Sakara Life about 2 years ago, when a friend of mine told me I had to try Sakara. She warned me that it was pricey and because of that, she only ordered it one week per month. However, she swore that after her week of Sakara, she always felt AMAZING. 

Obviously, I was intrigued…

I was so excited when my first Sakara order arrived. Presentation is definitely their thing. I love the recyclable black refrigerator bags the meals are delivered in. I love the pamphlet that comes with your first order. I love the food descriptions on the outside of ever meal box. I love everything.  

And then I tried the food. The meals are not only delicious, but incredibly hydrating and refreshing tasting. One key thing that sets Sakara apart from other meal companies is the uniqueness of its ingredients. They incorporate really cool, unique ingredients into their meals and include descriptions of the ingredients used and how they compliment your health.

Not gonna lie, when I first tried Sakara, I was a little thrown off by the portion size of the meals. I like food. I like eating. Eating is fun. I think I eat a lot? I ate the meals and was still hungry. The Sakara website and Ultimate Guide to Living the Sakara Way gives you snack suggestions and also informs you to listen to your body and that it’s okay to initially feel hungry between meals. I can say that I have grown more used to the portion size. Sakara also promotes hydration so it makes me more consciously reach for water and drink their detox teas. But I still like to snack on apples or raw nuts between meals.

As a Management Consultant who constantly travels for work, Sakara can be a lifesaver for me. It literally takes the stress out of healthy eating. All of the Sakara meals are a perfect balance of veggies, grains, and healing ingredients to promote a healthy microbiome. There is also a wide variety in the types of meals so it never gets boring. When I eat Sakara, I never have a second thought on if I’m eating a healthy meal. They also deliver nation-wide and the meals come right to your door so it even saves time and takes the stress away from getting meals yourself. This is particularly great when you have unpredictable work hours. I like ordering Sakara on weeks that I know I’ll be busy and it is a huge time saver because I don’t have to worry about going out and buying any meals. Unfortunately, Sakara is on the pricier side so I can’t afford to make this a habit.

But I guess it’s the price you pay (literally) to feel like a #goddess.

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