Reducing my Sweet Tooth

I have a HUGE sweet tooth, but recently I have been making a conscious effort to avoid added sugars to my foods. I haven’t gotten to 100% no added sugar to my diet, but I’m not quite sure that’s my goal. I try to avoid extremes because they mostly end up not being sustainable. My goal is to actively recognize an added sugar as an added sugar- whether it’s maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar, etc. it doesn’t matter what type it is. It doesn’t matter if it’s organic sugar.

Sugar is sugar.

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In addition to recognizing an added sugar, I’m also trying to avoid them when possible. I’m not trying to avoid them completely. It would make me sad to have my oat flour pancakes without maple syrup or overnight oats without a dash of coconut nectar. I’m not trying to go on a full-blown sugar deprivation diet (I try to avoid extremes), but I’m trying to avoid the unnecessary dumping of sweeteners into my regular foods and I have noticed a difference.

I can feel my cravings shifting from sweet to savory. It’s crazy how are taste buds are able to change and adapt. I’m back on the west coast this week for work and when I went to my go-to vegan restaurant to order breakfast this morning, I didn’t want my “regular” probiotic yogurt with berry compote (fruit and sugar), banana, and granola. It just seemed too sweet. I wanted something more savory. I ordered a delicious plant-based frittata bowl and felt completely satisfied. No sugar cravings to follow or feelings of deprivation.

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