Food & Wellness Holiday Gift Guide

Food & Wellness Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are right around the corner. This Food & Wellness Holiday Gift Guide is great for a friend or family member who is a health & wellness enthusiast. It’s also a great time to stock up on a new kitchen gadget or other food & wellness products that you may be able to find on sale during the holiday time.

My Food & Wellness Holiday Gift Guide includes some of my favorite kitchen gadgets as well as some more sustainable and non-toxic products. This list includes a variety of items, both big and small. It also covers a wide price range and gift items are listed from least expensive to most expensive.

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Kitchen Gift Items:

Stasher bags are sustainable, non-toxic food storage bags. They are a great alternative to single-use plastic bags. I love stasher bags because they are reusable and also dishwasher safe.

These oxo measuring cups are stainless steel. Measuring cups are commonly plastic, so switching to stainless steel measuring cups is another way to reduce plastic in the kitchen. These measuring cups have magnets so they can stick together and are easy to store.

Glass Tupperware is another easy way to reduce food contact with plastic. It is typically still microwave and dishwasher safe and is a great alternative to plastic food storage containers.

If you like to make your own potato chips or veggie chips, a mandolin slicer may be for you. This is the particular model that I have and it works great. It has different settings based on thickness and it can cut foods into both chips and fry shapes. Sweet potato chips are probably my favorite thing to make with this gadget. I love using sweet potato chips to make my Sweet Potato Nachos recipe.

As you may have noticed, I try to reduce my exposure to everyday toxins. This is not only better for your health, but also can be better for the environment. A key non-toxic swap is switching away from plastic products. I used to use plastic cutting boards, but have recently made the switch over to wood cutting boards. I have two GOOS cutting boards and think they are a very good quality. To read more of my posts about non-toxic living, check out my Non-toxic Living posts.

I probably use my air fryer everyday. I love the Ninja Air Fryer because it has four functions- air fry, roast, dehydrate, and reheat. Not only do I use it to air fry foods, but I use it to roast foods all of the time. It’s great because you can put your vegetables in the the air fryer, click roast, set the time, and that’s it! You don’t need to constantly mix the foods with a spatula like when you sauté vegetables on stovetop or cook them in the oven. Because of this, I typically use my air fryer to roast foods instead of the oven or stovetop. The food also seems to cook much faster in the air fryer. One of my favorite recipes to make in the air fryer is Air-Fried Chicken Nuggets .

I love my Vitamix blender. I also use it everyday and it works great. It is an incredibly powerful blender and it’s great to use to make smoothies. The only downside to the blender is that the model I have is pretty large. If you are tight on kitchen space, you may want to consider a smaller blender. And if you’re looking for a smoothie recipe, then look no further- check out my Smoothie Recipes here.

Having a good knife set is such a game changer. I just got this knife set over the last year and they are amazing. This is definitely on the pricier side, but I think they’re worth it. These knives and very good quality and work great. One thing to note is that the knives in this set are hand wash only.

Wellness Gift Items:

It’s no secret that I love Primally Pure non-toxic beauty products. The non-toxic deodorant is the first Primally Pure product that I had ever tried and it’s what got me hooked on their products. Prior to Primally Pure, I had tried numerous non-toxic deodorants and was unsuccessful in finding ones that were functional. I love Primally Pure’s non-toxic deodorant because it actually works. I also love the Primally Pure mists, facial oils, and dry shampoo. Check my Discount Codes to receive 15% off your Primally Pure order.

Beauty Counter is a non-toxic beauty company. They make a variety of skincare as well as makeup products. I use a ton of their products, including the shampoo, foundation, eyebrow gel, eyeliner, mascara, sunscreen, etc. What’s really cool about Beauty Counter is that the products are EWG Verified. EWG Verified is the best score that a product can receive from EWG. It means that the product has met the company’s strictest standards for health. To learn more about what EWG Verified means click here.

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