Eat Healthy In Less Time

Reduce stress around cooking meals and learn how to put together nutritious, balanced meals with little time and effort!

You’ve been wanting to eat healthier and you:

  • Get overwhelmed at the grocery store not knowing what to buy to put together easy meals
  • Don’t like cooking meals at home
  • Have so much on your plate, you don’t have time (or energy) to cook nutritious meals 
  • Have tried meal prepping, but dislike eating the same meals everyday

Learn how to eat healthy with little time and effort

Eat Healthy In Less Time can help you…

  • Save time preparing meals
  • Save money by eating more meals at home
  • Eat more balanced, nutritious meals
  • Reduce stress about eating healthy
  • Feel more confident in the kitchen

Video Lessons

45 minutes of video lectures, teaching you the importance of eating balanced meals and strategies that can help you eat healthy in no time

Recipe Handouts

Over 60 easy recipes, including my 5-minute recipes, mix and match meals, and make ahead meals to inspire you how to put together nutritious, balanced meals

Custom Templates

My custom templates to organize your grocery lists to build nutritious meals as well as informal homework assignments to put what you’ve learned into practice

My recipe handouts include:

Course Testimonials

“I was not eating well because I did not like cooking for one. My biggest takeaway from this course was quick, easy and nutritious meals can be doable! I now have easier to plan meals & grocery trips and hopefully less food waste.”

— Mary

“I took this course because I wanted to eat healthier. At the end of a long day, I often don’t feel like cooking. I hoped to get some new recipes & insights to create healthier habits. My biggest takeaway from this course was eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. I found the 5-Minute Nutritious Recipe handouts, Mix and Match Meals handouts, and the How to Build Nutritious Meals and Meal Prep sections most valuable. Convenience is key.”

— Carla (Alpharetta, GA)

eating healthy on a busy schedule

Course Curriculum


  • Introduction Video Lesson

Part 1: How To Build Nutritious Meals

  • How to Build Nutritious Meals Video Lesson
  • Grocery List for Balanced Meals PDF

Part 2: Meal Prep

  • Meal Prep Video Lesson
  • Ingredient Prepping Video Lesson
  • Ingredient Prep Mix & Match Meals 1 PDF
  • Ingredient Prep Mix & Match Meals 2 PDF
  • Ingredient Prep Mix & Match Meals 3 PDF
  • Make Ahead Meals Video Lesson
  • Make Ahead Breakfast Recipes PDF

About this course


20 Lessons

Part 3: 5-Minute Nutritious Recipes

  • 5-Minute Nutritious Recipes Video Lesson
  • 5-Min Meal Grocery List PDF
  • 20 Nutritious Recipes You Can Make in 5-Mins PDF
  • 20 Nutritious Veg Recipes You Can Make in 5-Mins PDF
  • BONUS! 10 Nutritious Recipes You Can Make in 5-Mins PDF

Part 4: Eating Consistent Meals

  • Eating Consistently Video Lesson
  • Informal Food Diary PDF

Part 5: Closing

  • Closing Video Lesson
  • Goal Setting PDF
  • Course Survey

Hi, I’m Mel!

I am a Registered Dietitian who is passionate about helping others live a healthy lifestyle that is practical and sustainable for them. As a former corporate employee, I understand the challenges of eating healthy while juggling a busy work schedule and even frequent work travel. My goal is to make eating healthy quick, easy, and approachable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Eat Healthy In Less Time course differ from your 5-minute recipe handouts?

My 5-minute recipe handouts primarily provide recipes.

On the other hand, my crash course will will teach you how to create your own nutritious, balanced meals based on your taste preferences. My grocery shopping templates will help guide and simplify your grocery hauls. You’ll learn tips and tricks to prepare meals with little time and effort. You’ll also receive both of my 5-minute recipe handouts PLUS a Bonus 5-Minute Recipe handout that is not available on my website.

Is this course live or self-paced?

This course is self-paced so you can complete it on your own schedule and re-watch any lectures that you wish.

Does this course expire?

You will have access to this course for 90 days after you enroll. After 90 days, your course access will expire.

Is this course suitable for pregnant women?

Not all ingredients used/discussed in this course are suitable for pregnant women. If pregnant, consult your healthcare provider to understand which foods are safe for consumption.

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