Non-toxic Swaps to Make in Your Kitchen

So what is non-toxic living and why should we care?

We interact with toxins everyday, sometimes in not so obvious places, like our own homes. Plastic can disrupt the endocrine system and cause our hormones to get out of whack. This can lead to consequences, such as unwanted belly fat.

Non-toxic living is making cleaner choices with the products that we use everyday. This can be anything from the tupperware you have in your kitchen to the bar of soap in your bathroom. If you are starting your journey towards nontoxic living, it can be really overwhelming to determine where to start. The approach I like to take is to start with the products that you use the most and then replace items with cleaner options as they run out. This makes the process both less overwhelming and more budget-friendly.

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Nontoxic Deodorant

I started the transition to cleaner home and body products about a year ago.  I wrote a blog post about my transition, why I decided to switch to cleaner products, and some of the products that have worked well for me here.  To be honest, this was a pretty daunting process for two reasons: 1) because there are soo many products that we use daily that contain harmful chemicals and 2) it is such a challenge to find products that are actually clean. Several products are labeled “organic,” or “natural,” however these labels do not necessarily mean that the particular product does not contain harmful ingredients. Additionally, just because the product is sold at natural store doesn’t mean that it’s completely clean either.

In order to make the transition to clean products more manageable (from a time and budget standpoint), I started with the products that I needed to replenish. That way I was replacing products that I needed to replace anyway, but with cleaner alternatives. Next, I researched which products were actually clean. To determine this, I found the Think Dirty and EWG Healthy Living apps most useful.  It took some trial and error, but I was able to find certain brands that both worked and I trusted (I mentioned a few of these brands on my previous blog post).

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6 Ways to Start Your Journey Towards Non-Toxic Living

Toxins are everywhere. They are in our water, in our food, our kitchen, our home products, etc. We are surrounded by toxins and interact with them on a daily basis. With all of the different places we are exposed to toxins, it can be overwhelming to determine where to even start to alleviate our interactions with them. Below are a few simple hacks that can be used to get started on a journey towards Non-Toxic Living.

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Clean Skin Products

We all know that eating well is important. But wellness expands beyond the kitchen. It is not only important to be concerned with what we put into our bodies, but also with what we put on our bodies. What we put on our skin gets aborbed into the body, sometimes occuring immediately. And several popular, everyday products contain various chemicals and even gluten.

Over the past few months, I have begun the transition from my everyday household products to non-toxic household products, starting with products that directly contact the skin. To be honest, this was a long, painful process and involved some trial and error. Hopefully my learnings will make this transition easier for someone else.

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Do you even know what you’re eating?

What are you eating? Do you even know what you’re eating? You may not be aware of all of the ingredients you’re consuming on a daily basis.

As a 20-Something, I know a typical breakfast for a 20-Something living in NYC is grabbing a bagel on the way to work and “cooking dinner” often translates to “ordering Seamless.” We eat granola and protein bars that are marketed as health foods and wonder why we feel like crap. Food labels trick us into thinking we are eating healthy while we are unknowingly consuming crazy amounts of sugar, gluten, soy, sodium, and preservatives.

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