5 Healthy Foods to Pack When You Fly

Regular work travel can pose challenges to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Flying is dehydrating and can make you more susceptible to getting a cold. Furthermore, airports typically don’t have a ton of fresh, nutritious foods available. If you’re thinking about packing your own food for your next flight, it may be challenging to find a healthy snack that meets TSA-regulations. As a former Management Consultant, I flew almost every week for work. I have had the unfortunate incident of getting my homemade overnight oats taken at security. Over time, I learned healthy foods options that were okay to travel with. In this post, I will share five healthy foods to pack when you fly.

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6 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle While Traveling for Work

Do you travel for regularly work? I have been there. As a former management consultant, I would get on an airplane twice a week, every week. I knew the NYC terminals like the back of my hand. I was at JFK airport so often, the barista at Starbucks was convinced that I worked at the airport. I flew coast to coast regularly and changed time zones on a weekly basis.

I came into consulting as an experienced hire. I was very excited to start my new job, but knew it involved regular travel. A healthy lifestyle is something that I really value so I was concerned about being able to make healthy choices away from home. It definitely took some trial and error, but I learned a few hacks that helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling for work.

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