Chocolate Pistachio Bars

Can you believe that it’s already September? That means that October and Halloween aren’t too far away! If you’re already thinking about Halloween treats, you are in luck. These Chocolate Pistachio Bars are low in sugar and make the perfect healthier Halloween candy! These chocolate bars use Lily’s Dark Chocolate chips which are sweetened with no sugar sweeteners. These chocolate bars are gluten free, dairy free, and only require 3 ingredients to make! Why wait until Halloween to give these a try? This incredibly easy chocolate recipe is the perfect way to satisfy a sweet tooth or craving.

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Cauliflower Nuggets

My air fryer is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. I love my air fryer because you can do so much with it. It enables you to air fry foods which requires much less oil than traditional frying. Additionally, my Ninja air fryer has a roast, reheat, and dehydrate option. I love roasting veggies in my air fryer because it takes much less time than roasting in a pan or in the oven and requires no stirring! I probably use my air fryer at least once per day. I recently used my air fryer to make these Cauliflower Nuggets. This recipe is a vegetarian spin on chicken nuggets. If you’re looking for a healthier chicken nugget recipe, also check out my Air-Fried Chicken Nuggets recipe.

These cauliflower nuggets taste delicious and are so easy to make. This recipe only requires three ingredients and is gluten free, dairy free, paleo, and whole30.

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Bell Pepper Nachos

Looking for a healthier football Sunday snack? I’ve got you covered! These grain-free nachos contain extra veggies- bell peppers! You can top these bell pepper slices with whatever nacho toppings you desire. I share below the toppings that I used to make my bell pepper nachos. This low carb snack is gluten free and keto-friendly. This recipe makes about 2 servings of nachos.

If you’re looking for more low carb or keto-friendly recipes, also check out my Air-Fried Chicken Nugget and Low Sugar Praline recipes.

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Better Alcohol Choices

Let’s address the elephant in the room: alcohol is not healthy for you. However, alcohol is a big part of many people’s social lives as well as associated with celebratory events. As a 20-something, alcohol is a part of my regular social life. With the warmer summer weather, there are more opportunities to drink socially outside (while practicing social distancing). While no alcohol is exactly healthy, in this post I’ll share some better alcohol choices.

Before we get into better alcohol choices, I will discuss some “healthy claims” pertaining to alcohol.

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Low Sugar Pralines

I have been on a serious praline kick lately. I love Trader Joes pralines, but I don’t love the ingredients. Most praline recipes are loaded with sugar, so I wanted to make a lower sugar version of this delicious treat. These low sugar pralines are sweetened with monkfruit sweetener. Monkfruit sweetener is a zero calorie, zero sugar natural alternative to sugar. For this recipe, I used Lakanto Monkfruit Baking Sweetener.

This dessert is gluten free and low in sugar. It is a keto-friendly dessert recipe. If you’re looking for more keto dessert recipes, also checkout my Low Sugar Chocolate Almond Butter Bars recipe.

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Whole Fruit Versus Juice: Which Is The Better Option?

You may be thinking: if juice comes from fruit then fruit juice and whole fruit must be the same nutritionally. However, when comparing fruit juice versus whole fruit, whole fruit is the nutritionally superior option. This may be surprising considering the popularity of juice bars and juice cleanses and their association with health. Drinking 100% fruit or veggie juice is not an unhealthy option. In fact, fruit and veggies contain antioxidants and vitamins and drinking juice is a means of getting these beneficial nutrients. However, when given the choice between whole fruit versus juice, the whole fruit is the better option. Here’s why…

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Affordable Healthy Groceries

As I have previously mentioned, I experienced being on Food Stamps (SNAP) for 1 week for a project in my Community Nutrition class this past semester. To see my full one week food stamps experience, check out my post here. As a follow up to this experience, I wanted to be more mindful of more affordable food options and incorporate ‘budget-friendly recipes’ into my blog. I have since created a tab of budget recipes on my page. As a continuation, this post will discuss more affordable healthy groceries.

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Blueberry Vanilla Smoothie

An easy, healthy breakfast that can be made in less than 5 minutes? Look no further! This low sugar smoothie is balanced with adequate protein, fat, veggies, and fiber so it not only tastes delicious, but it also very satiating. I love this breakfast because it keeps me feeling satiated for hours so I don’t feel the need to snack in between meals.

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Non-toxic Swaps to Make in Your Kitchen

So what is non-toxic living and why should we care?

We interact with toxins everyday, sometimes in not so obvious places, like our own homes. Plastic can disrupt the endocrine system and cause our hormones to get out of whack. This can lead to consequences, such as unwanted belly fat.

Non-toxic living is making cleaner choices with the products that we use everyday. This can be anything from the tupperware you have in your kitchen to the bar of soap in your bathroom. If you are starting your journey towards nontoxic living, it can be really overwhelming to determine where to start. The approach I like to take is to start with the products that you use the most and then replace items with cleaner options as they run out. This makes the process both less overwhelming and more budget-friendly.

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