Orange Creamsicle Smoothie Bowl

Does this remind anyone else of straight elementary school?! Orange Creamsicle popsicles definitely take me back to summertime as a kid. Try this healthy twist on your favorite childhood treat! Recipe is gluten free, dairy free, and packed with fruits and veggies.

Summer is official smoothie bowl season! Not that it matters because I legit have smoothie bowls all year long. I grabbed some blood oranges at the farmers market this week and thought what better way to celebrate the warmer weather than with this smoothie bowl combo!


Smoothie Bowl Ingredients



This recipe uses 1 blood orange and 1 1/2 frozen bananas. Make sure you peel, slice, and freeze the banana slices. Using frozen banana slices is an absolute must! Frozen bananas literally make your smoothies taste like frozen yogurt. They are such a delicious add!



This recipe uses frozen riced cauliflower to add bulk and creaminess to the smoothie bowl without contributing any flavor. That’s right, you get all of the benefits of this cruciferous veggie without even tasting it!


Healthy Fat

This recipe includes 1 tbsp of almond butter for a dose of healthy fat. Adding healthy fat to smoothies is important because it will help you stay feel and feeling satisfied.



This recipe uses almond milk to blend all of the ingredients together. Use store bought almond milk or try making your own almond milk- see my post on how to make your own almond milk. Check out my discount codes for a discount code on a nut milk bag. Vanilla protein powder gives the smoothie it’s vanilla flavor. Choose your favorite vanilla flavored protein powder, I personally used a a vanilla flavored prebiotic fiber to support #guthealth. Last, add some smoothie bowl toppers (optional). I used blood orange slices, bee pollen, and chia seeds. Note: To make this recipe is vegan skip the bee pollen topping






1 blood orange

1 1/12 frozen bananas

3/4 cup frozen rice cauliflower 

1 tbsp raw almond butter 

1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I used Upliftfood vanilla prebiotic powder)  

1 1/2 cups almond milk

Topped with sliced blood oranges,  bee pollen (skip if vegan), and chia seeds




Blend until smooth and top with toppings!

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