Chocolate Oat Milk

I recently started making my own dairy-free milk using oats! I liked using oats because they are less expensive than nuts and it is quicker to make oat milk because there is a shorter soak time. I have noticed that separation does occur so make sure to store in a bottle with a lid and shake before use. Oat milk should last about 4-5 days in the fridge.





1 cup gluten-free rolled oats

2 fresh medoolan dates

1 tbsp cacao powder

5 cups filtered water




  1. Soak oats in 1 cup filtered water for at least an hour.
  2. Add soaked oats to a blender. Add 4 more cups of filtered water, medoolan dates (remove pits), and cacao powder. Blend until fully mixed- this takes me about 30 seconds using my Vitamix blender.
  3. Pour contents of the blender throw a nut milk bag over a clean bowl. I use Ellie’s Best Bigger Better Nut Milk Bag (#ad #sponsored). I have a discount code for 10% off Ellie’s Best (WELLBYMEL) which is listed in theΒ Discount Codes section of my blog.
  4. Squeeze the nut milk bag until all of the oat milk has filtered through. It will feel a little slimy squeezing the oat milk through the bag in comparison to nut milk.
  5. Pour contents of the bowl into storage container of your choice and refrigerate. Use within 4-5 days!

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