5 Healthy Foods to Pack When You Fly

Flying and health are almost never seen in the same sentence. Flying is dehydrating and makes you more susceptible to getting a cold. Airports have little to no healthy food options and the snacks on the airplane are even worse. It can be challenging to find a healthy snack to bring with you on your flight that meets TSA-regulations. As a Management Consultant, I travel almost every week for work and have had the unfortunate moment of getting my overnight oats and coconut yogurts taken at security. Instead of giving in to eating the unhealthy airport food, see below some healthy food options to bring with you on your next flight.

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1. Healthy Baked Goods

Between Healthy Cookbooks, Pinterest, Blogs, and Foodie Instagram accounts, there is no shortage of recipes for healthy baked goods. Find whatever fits your style- whether it is paleo, plant-based, no added-sugar, etc. and get baking! Bring some fresh baked muffins or a slice of some healthy banana bread to the airport and you’ll be so happy and satisfied that you did.

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2. Nuts and Nut Butter Packets

Nuts are a great healthy snack that are full of healthy fats that help keep you feeling full and satisfied. Try bringing an individual bag of nuts with you when you travel. Buying a full, large bag of nuts at the airport may be tempting, however, the larger portion size makes it easier to overeat. I recommend portioning out the nuts or purchasing an individual bag if possible. Alternatively, try bringing an individual packet of nut butter to the airport. Get plain or flavored nut butters for a snack that tastes like a treat!

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3. Raw Oats

Although overnight or cooked oats are out of the question, bring your own raw oats to make your own oatmeal! Fill an individual container with raw oats and add a scoop of protein powder, some cinnamon, flaxseeds, or chia seeds if you want to add a boost of protein and fiber. Once you go through security, you can mix the oats with hot water to make oatmeal. You can get hot water for free at a Starbucks or at most airport lounges if you have a membership. Top the oats with some nut butter or add fresh fruit for some added fat and fiber.

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4. Fruit

Fruit is one of the easiest healthy snacks to bring along a flight. Opt for whole fruit instead of cut fruit which needs to be refrigerated and will brown quicker. Try packing a banana or an apple. You can top either with some some nut butter from an individual nut butter package for some added healthy fat! Another option is packing frozen fruit. I like packing frozen grapes in baggies and using them as an ice pack for packed foods, such as a salad. It helps keep the salad cool and also makes a great snack!

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5. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard boil eggs only take about 12 minutes to make and are packed with nutrients. They are full of protein and healthy fats to keep you full longer. Since they are perishable, plan on eating these immediately or pack in a lunchbox with small bags of frozen fruit to keep cool. I like packing a couple of baggies full of frozen grapes to use as ice packs. Vital Farms even makes sealed two packs of hard- boiled eggs that contain mini salt and pepper packs – perfect for travel!

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