Work Travel & Frozen Foods

After a week of traveling for work, I love waking up knowing that I don’t have to rush to Whole Foods or order Ubereats for food that day. I can wake-up Friday mornings ready- to- go and not feel bogged down by grocery runs or spend extra cash to get food delivered. This is because I keep a constant supply of organic produce in my freezer.

Since I travel for work every week, I am only really home on weekends. Frozen organic produce has been a complete game-changer for me. I no longer go to the grocery store feeling guilty knowing that I’ll have to toss any fresh produce that I didn’t eat over the weekend on Monday. Which used to happen often! On weekends is when we typically see our friends and grab brunch or dinner. Between eating meals out and trying to get groceries for such a short period of time, it wasn’t working out. I also tried ordering all of my meals for the weekend or eating out, but as I’m sure you can understand, it is pricey and also caused me to consume way more sodium, soy, sugar, etc. than I would have if I was cooking myself.

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So alas, my move to frozen produce. Frozen produce is great because it keeps fresh for long periods of time. I often stock my freezer with Whole Foods organic frozen berries and spinach or kale for my smoothies (which makes my smoothies taste way better and thicker than using fresh produce and ice). I also stock various organic frozen vegetable blends that can easily be heated up and sauteed with garlic and oil. These are cheap and incredibly easy meal options to have readily available.  I love putting cucumbers in my smoothies, but have never seen these in frozen form. I buy a fresh cucumber (one at a time, because only 4-5 slices are used in my smoothies), and freeze the slices that I do not use that weekend.

Today, my morning smoothie consisted of:

A couple spoonfuls of blueberries

5 pieces of frozen cucumber

As much frozen kale as I could fit in my individual Ninja blender cup

A spoonful of almond butter

About 1 cup of whole Foods organic almond milk (carrageenan free!)

A scoop of Primal Foods Collagen Fuel Vanilla Coconut protein powder

Sprinkle of Cinnamon

Topped with cacao nibs so it tastes like a treat!

This smoothie was delicious, hydrating, and relatively inexpensive. It also kept me satisfied for hours, which I love because I don’t have to constantly think of where I’m going to find my next healthy meal or snack.

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